Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goodbye OQO

The writing is on the wall. OQO has canceled pre-orders for the new model 02+. This probably means that the model 02 will be the last OQO. I now own a collector's item. Of course, I could also say that about the Apple Newton Messagepad 2100 (which is now a relic, but was very advanced for its time). I used to carry my Newton in the hospital. It was a bit heavy for the white coat, but it was very useful because I kept all my patient notes on it. I was paperless even before most hospitals had computerized physician order entry (CPOE)! Will we ever see another gadget that compares with the OQO? I'm sure we will as more manufacturers build small PCs that have full capabilities. As hardware technology improves, we'll see more tiny devices permeate the healthcare industry and soon hospitals will be full of gadgets and gizmos.

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