Thursday, April 23, 2009

Problems Viewing Web Pages with Firefox

I'm a big fan of Firefox, but I've recently been having some problems viewing certain pages with Firefox. They appear fine on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft IE (Internet Explorer). I really like Firefox because of all the plug-ins (add-ons), but it's starting to get a bit annoying. I've been relying on IE Tab, but now I'm wondering if I should abandon Firefox. They just released a new update to Version 3.0.9 but that still didn't fix the problem for me. Since I use several different computers (including a tablet PC and an Ultra-Mobile PC), I like to have all my files and bookmarks synchronized on all my machines. That's easy with Windows Live Sync (which used to be called FolderShare) and Xmarks (which used to be called Foxmarks).


  1. What about Opera? It links your bookmarks automatically (even with Opera Mini on your mobile) and even has BitTorrent built it.

  2. Opera isn't a bad option either, but it hasn't captured the marketplace like Firefox. I've also been using Google Chrome more and Safari less. Let's see how that changes over the next several months as I play more with Internet Explorer 8.