Thursday, March 11, 2010

Medical school grads who don't match

This is being republished from Match Day is a ceremonial day when 4th year medical students discover where they will be doing their medical and surgical internships and residencies. Match Day is coming up in a few weeks (March 18) and I'm sure many students are anxiously waiting for the results. What happens if you don't match? You could scramble, but what if you still don't find a position? What can you do to remain productive? There are several options, including some non-clinical options.  Here are a few of my thoughts (and you could also combine some of these):
  • Research job.
  • One-year MBA.
  • One-year MPH.
  • Medical writing.
  • Blogging.  
  • Restaurant work.
  • Consulting for a start-up.
  • Travel the world (if you have the luxury)
  • Volunteer.
It's important to be creative and responsible with your options. You may have student loans to repay. Not matching is both a significant burden and an opportunity for you to do something meaningful while you get ready to start a busy internship/residency.

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