Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tell someone about CaringBridge today

I got this e-mail today from the founder of CaringBridge. Maybe you got it too:
Right now, there’s another family facing a devastating health situation that needs the support, healing and connection a CaringBridge community provides. But they don’t know about CaringBridge.

If you know someone facing cancer, pregnancy complications, or a serious injury, tell them about CaringBridge today. They will be so thankful.
CaringBridge is a great way for people to find, give, and receive emotional support as they are going through a medical illness. I'm sure we all know someone who is dealing a medical condition like cancer, lung disease, dementia, etc. Why don't you tell them about CaringBridge?



  1. Hi Joseph,
    Thanks for spreading the word about CaringBridge so others can benefit from our free service!
    - Melissa Holm, Media Relations, CaringBridge

  2. Hi Joseph,
    I recently posted a story about CaringBridge on my blog This was a personal story of the benefits of their services. So your post was very timely and I hope others will spread the word.....
    Jim Sabogal