Thursday, March 11, 2010

WebMD Health Exchange

WebMD recently launched a new social media platform called WebMD Health Exchange.  What is it? It allows consumers to connect with health care professionals and other WebMD users and discuss health topics. Plus, you can view Expert Blogs on this site.

There are two types of exchanges that on WebMD Health Exchange:
1. WebMD-moderated Exchanges are staff-moderated by WebMD and feature best-in-class experts selected by WebMD. Always look for "WebMD" when browsing or searching for a moderated Exchange that features experts. Select from below or see all WebMD-moderated Exchanges.
2. Member-created Exchanges are operated and self-moderated by WebMD members just like you. They can be Public or Invitation-only. Select from below for Member-created Public Exchanges or create your own.
The evolution of the web into web 2.0 hinges on social media and community involvement.


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