Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Concierge disease management

The concept of concierge medicine may not be new, but what about concierge disease management? The problem with traditional disease management or DM is that patients often get lost and they don't end up receiving the personalized level of care that they need. Why? Because it would be much more expensive to deliver that level of care.

I'm currently reading an article in BusinessWeek magazine titled, "Take Your Meds, Exercise—and Spend Billions" (click here to read that story)

There are many people who don't believe that traditional disease management programs are cost-effective. Given recent advances in technology, I'm sure that disease management programs can become much more effective and robust. There are mixed opinions when it comes to the topic of traditional disease management with health coaches and financial incentives, but what about exploring the idea related to concierge disease management? We probably don't have much data on that type of concept, but I'm sure it would make a tremendous impact on patient outcomes if people could afford such services. Unfortunately, the reality is that few people would be able to afford such boutique services, so you'd be left with clients who are from the "rich and famous" or elite upper class of society.

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