Sunday, May 3, 2009

Are Computers Helping Patients Self-Manage Their Diseases?

Most patients these days have a household computer. In fact, they may have two or three computers at home. However, do they use it for their health? Are computers making a difference in the way patients manage their chronic conditions?

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  1. I have a rare manifestation of an uncommon disease. I found my primary specialist online. I regularly provide the latest in research as news to my treating physicians who depend on me to co-ordinate my care with multiple specialists and point them to new ideas and developments. We laugh that they have thousands of patients and I have only one.

    I've helped numerous less computer savvy friends locate physicians and surgeons, check physician credentials with the state licensing authorities. The Internet is the single most important resource in my healthcare. With Pubmed and Medscape-WebMD and other valuable resources available online and the shortage of both primary care and specialists, more and more we have to choose between old wives tales or valid self help between appointments.

    I was one of those "kids" turned engineer who begin in the 60s to develop a resource to connect the world to information. Who knew I'd be logging in to preserve my own life and quality of life.

    "It's a good thing."