Friday, February 13, 2009

Buy a MacBook Air Just for the SSD?

There are some incredible deals out there for the older MacBook Air with a 64 GB SSD (solid state drive). I'm very tempted to get one of these so that I can perform a hard drive (HD) transplant. I'd use the SSD in another device (either my Samsung Q1 Ultra or my OQO model 02).

To purchase a 1.8" SSD, I'd have to spend over $1000 (unless I get a RunCore or PhotoFast, in which case I may still spend nearly $500 just for the drive). It really doesn't make sense to go out there and purchase an SSD as an upgrade right now.

However, if I can get a cheap MacBook Air for $1200 (and this includes a 64 GB SSD), then I could do some HD swapping and maybe even sell the MBA. Tempting...

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