Saturday, August 30, 2008

Will the netbooks help or hurt the UMPC market?

The demand for the Asus Eee and the HP 2133 is growing so fast these days, especially as students get ready to go back to school.

I wonder if this netbook craze will hurt or help the UMPC market. Are consumers choosing netbooks over UMPCs? Or, are they getting drawn to ultra-mobile computing and discovering that a UMPC may be a better option?

Certainly, more consumers are looking for something small, light, and battery-efficient. What will this netbook craze look like when the holidays approach?

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  1. I think that netbooks will win over the consumer in the end. Already, more ad dollars are being pumped into marketing netbook computers. Price is a factor as well. Netbook prices are dropping already, due to intense competition. The word netbook is easier to remember than UMPC, if that makes any difference. Perhaps they will morph together. The lines are blurred.
    Good question you raised. I recommend for buying online.