Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome

When will the browser wars end? I've been using Firefox 3 as my main browser for the last several months. I've also tested Opera, Safari, and now I'm about to test Google Chrome.

Do we really need so many different browsers? IE8 will be released soon (you can beta test if you dare). So what's all the fuss about? I doubt that Google Chrome will outperform Firefox 3. I have so many useful add-ons that make Firefox 3 the optimal browser for tablets and UMPCs.


  1. Dr. Kim - This thing is awesome. Knowing Google, I think this will actually blow Firefox 3 out of the water (coming from a faithful FF3 user)!

    Have you seen this yet?


    Basically, Chrome is going to isolate everything it does and run very similar to a modern operating system.

    By the way, great blog, I found you through SDN.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I love the comics version of Google Chrome. As I test Chrome, I can't help but wonder if Google will release the best streamlined operating system that will be optimal for UMPCs. Everyone wants something that is fast, light, and reliable. I think Google may be on the cutting edge here.

  3. Oh wow, so you are actually testing it now? Please let us know how it works out...

    As many have seen in the past, Google is GREAT when it's on the bleeding edge, but can lag when trying to play catch-up to an already tough battle.

    Glad you enjoyed the comic!