Saturday, April 12, 2008

HP 'mini' PC - the HP 2133

HP is finally joining the mini PC, or pseudo-UMPC, or very tiny PC market. How does it compare with the Asus Eee? Reviews seem to indicate that the HP has a better build, a larger screen, but also runs very warm. Of course, Asus has other models coming out soon.

Do you think airports and coffee houses will start filling with people carrying these tiny computers? Will everyone have a computer in their bag?

In Asia, so many people use mobile devices and they are constantly connected. Whether it's a MID, or an UMPC, or a smartphone, or a micro PC, something is in the hands of people on the train, buses, cars, and streets. Will corporate America start looking like that soon? Or will the Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and iPhone suffice?

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