Sunday, April 13, 2008

SEO + Blogs + Social Networking = Internet Marketing 2.0

"SEO + Blogs + Social Networking = Internet Marketing 2.0"

I saw this phrase at MyTypes, so I don't claim any credit.

What does this all mean?

For starters, SEO = Search Engine Optimization

The rest should be self-explanatory. So, who wants to market themselves by leveraging all the various Web 2.0 resources?

Have you ever wondered how search engines work? Why do results pop up differently if you use Google vs. Yahoo vs. another search engine? Do you ever compare results?

Which major corporations have a blog on their corporate site. Do you think they all will eventually? Wouldn't it be interesting to read the personal blogs of every C-Level executive?

I've been inspired by the CEO of the company called OQO (makers of the smallest fully functional computer in the world). Dennis Moore is the CEO and he has his own blog here:
I use my OQO and I love reading other stories that get posted.


  1. SEO and internet marketing is great, however if people land a site that doesn't appeal or convey the message effectively then whats the point. Check out and see what a website looks like that uses video to convey their message.

  2. I agree, the strategic use of video is a critical strategy for successful marketing. Of course, you must be photogenic (or is it videogenic?)

    Hence, we see a growing popularity of YouTube and other video sites, even for large corporations.

  3. But then again how many of these sites have useless information?

    Regardless of whether you are pretty to look at or pleasant to listen to.

    You want people to keep coming back I think that is the bottom line of any of these blogs and Social networking sites.

    I am writing an article and found your site, does that mean I will be back? Maybe if there is interaction and what you have to offer your readers or commentators as in my case of value. Thanks for letting me share my ideas and posting on your blog.