Friday, February 17, 2012

See Zen Medical Technologies at #HIMSS12 Booth # 13138

Zen Medical Technologies is a new company founded by Dr. Armen Hovanessian and they will have an exhibit at the 2012 HIMSS Conference (Booth #13138). Zen was featured in a recent Information Weekly article titled, "Health IT's Newest Ideas: HIMSS12 Preview." In this report, the author takes an early look at 14 of the most interesting health IT products and services that will be displayed at the annual HIMSS conference. One of those companies was Zen Medical Technologies. Here is an excerpt from that article:
Through Zen's cloud-based model, healthcare providers can securely send and receive critical test results and related messages in a defined and managed way. The Zen app allows users to custom design how they send and receive this information. The application involves a three step process: Users create a quick multimedia message, select the urgency of the message, and send the message to the intended receiver with minimal effort. 
Users can also control how they want to be notified depending on the urgency of the test result message. The Zen application integrates with existing systems and established workflow patterns.
You can learn more about Zen here:

I hope to see you at the HIMSS Conference in Las Vegas. I will be spending a lot of time walking around the massive exhibit floor and I'll be measuring my steps by wearing a Fitbit. You can follow tweets from HIMSS by searching the #HIMSS12 hashtag.

Disclosure: Dr. Joseph Kim is a consultant for Zen Medical Technologies.

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