Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Association of Clinical Researchers and Educators 2011 Meeting

The Association of Clinical Researchers and Educators (ACRE) is an organization of physicians and colleagues engaged in promoting excellence in medical service, education, and innovation. ACRE members have records of achievement in these endeavors.

ACRE is holding it's annual meeting on July 22, 2011 at the Cornell Medical Center in New York. For more information about the meeting and registration, click here.

This year’s ACRE meeting will cover a number of areas and topics and will include speakers and representatives from across the health care industry.

Topics include:
- Issues in continuing medical education (CME)
- Academia-Industry Collaboration
- Academic Medical Centers Policies; and
- Washington and Innovation

Speakers Include:
Thomas Stossel, Lance Stell, Michael Weber, George Chressanthis and many others.

The goal of ACRE is to reinforce the partnership of academia, industry, clinicians, and patients in the United States. Among its goals is educating the lay public as well as the medical community about the value to patients of the research and educational collaborations between academia and industry.

You can sign up for the ACRE meeting here:

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