Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Healthcare IT Path Forward

As you know, this as a pivotal time to address the goals of expanding access, improving quality and reducing cost in our healthcare system. But how can your collective investments in infrastructure and improved processes help to deliver on these goals. How do you fit in? Clearly a road map would be highly beneficial. To help guide this process Intel is doing some radical rethinking of the healthcare system. Intel is committed to shifting the focus of healthcare reform from a one-size-fits-all, institutional model to a personalized model that improves both the process and the outcomes for healthcare practitioners and patients.

After all, healthcare is a knowledge industry. Technology should help us share that knowledge effectively. Watch this video of Dr. Mark Blatt, director of Intel’s Health and Healthcare Industry Solutions, and see what he has to say about moving healthcare IT forward.

For a full lineup of videos, watch our video newsmagazine, Healthcare IT Perspectives, at www.hitperspectives.com

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