Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Practices for EHR Selection and Implementation

You can listen to this complimentary, archived webinar titled, "Best Practices for EHR Selection and Implementation."


Starting this year, providers can submit their meaningful use report for federal reimbursements under HIPAA and HITECH. But, if you’re unprepared or unsure if your organization is compliant, one misstep could mean the difference between funding your EHR project or paying penalties for data breaches.

Act now to ensure federal reimbursement and security at your facility.

Learn the latest procedures to successfully:

* Ensure interoperability, communication and data exchange among all organizational partners
* Shield organizational liability by understanding all privacy and security scenarios
* Upgrade your facility’s wireless infrastructure to support new medical devices and meet meaningful use criteria
* Apply for EHRIP funding through the National Level Repository (NLR) reporting process

You can access this SearchHealthIT webinar here.

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