Friday, December 24, 2010

Digital Health Summit 2011

The Digital Health Summit at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show focuses on the booming market of consumer-based health and wellness innovations that sit at the convergence of technology and healthcare.

In addition to diagnosing and battling disease, today’s generation of high-tech healthcare products and services will be the catalyst for better managed healthcare, patient/doctor communication, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery time, lowered costs for health insurance, early prevention and detection, digital patient information records, medical attention over distances, and so much more. A robust industry is developing to serve the healthcare market. The Digital Health Summit and Exhibition is here to serve as its epicenter.

What You’ll See:

* Telehealth Systems
* Therapeutic & Diagnostic Medical Devices
* Remote Monitoring Devices
* Mobile Health Applications
* Secured Wireless Communication Medical Devices
* Medication Monitoring Equipment
* Mobile Health Devices
* Robotic Prosthetics
* Personal Health Records
* Communications Networks
* Telemedicine Systems

Where: At the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Exhibit Jan 6-9, 2011
Conference Jan 7, 2011

Learn more about the Digital Health Summit  here.

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