Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MyGlucoHealth Wireless Telehealth Solution in Military Health

More exciting news coming out regarding mHealth in the military:

MyGlucoHealth Wireless Telehealth Solution Improves Care and Monitoring of Diabetic Patients in Military Health

MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter and Strips Now Available to Federal, State and Local Government Agencies Through NASA SEWP Contract

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 9, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MyGlucoHealth Wireless, the first FDA cleared and CE certified Bluetooth enabled blood glucose meter is now available to Federal, state and local agencies through NASA SEWP (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) GWAC (Government-Wide Acquisition Contract). MyGlucoHealth diabetic care technology is accessible to major military medical commands including the Army Medical Department (AMEDD), the Army's Telemedicine Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) and the Veterans Administration. MyGlucoHealth was placed within NASA SEWP through Agile Edge Technologies, Inc., our Federal distribution channel partner.

MyGlucoHealth is an integrated telehealth solution for improving the care and monitoring of diabetics within U.S. Military Health. The online system monitors day-to-day blood glucose readings and communicates the patient's status to designated military healthcare providers. At the same time, MyGlucoHealth provides direct feedback and resources to keep the patient engaged and motivated to take direct control over their personal condition.

"The goal of integrating the MyGlucoHealth telehealth platform into the military medical environment is to optimize the monitoring and treatment of diabetics worldwide before, during and after deployments, while taking steps to reduce costs and avoid acute events," said Richard Strobridge, Chief Executive Officer of Entra Health Systems, maker of MyGlucoHealth. "Standardizing on MyGlucoHealth will extend the reach of the military physician and improve the continuity of care for every service member worldwide."

"Army Medical alone represents one of the largest health care networks in the world, managing the care of three million lives," Strobridge added. "The transient nature of military personnel makes MyGlucoHealth an excellent solution to centralize monitoring while providing greater efficiency and improved care. MyGlucoHealth can be fully integrated with existing patient care solutions within the military medicine environment."

Bluetooth communication integral to MyGlucoHealth connects patients with a real-time online data collection network to upload and manage blood tests using a mobile phone or PC. Within the hospital, clinic or forward medical commands, physicians can log-in to the MyGlucoHealth Clinicians' Portal to view a full patient dashboard, evaluate graphs and data interpretations, as well as set monitoring alerts to be notified directly or alert local personnel. Data from the Portal can be merged with the patient's health record stored in the centralized Hospital Information Systems (HIS) or Electronic Health Record (EHR).

About MyGlucoHealth®

MyGlucoHealth Wireless from Entra Health Systems, is the first and only FDA cleared and CE certified Bluetooth®-enabled glucometer of its kind in the world. MyGlucoHealth works in combination with a real-time online data collection network to securely upload and manage blood glucose readings using a mobile phone or PC eliminating the need to maintain personal logbooks.

Using automated tools, MyGlucoHealth can set up reminders to encourage patients to test more frequently, as well as to notify family, caregivers and clinicians when testing results fluctuate. MyGlucoHealth gives patients more direct control over their care and provides clear lines of communication with clinicians and caregivers. For more information visit: www.myglucohealth.net.

About Agile Edge Technologies, Inc

Agile Edge Technologies, Inc. (AET), through its AET Medical Division, develops market channels for in-home, wireless and remote medical care technologies. AET improves health care performance by achieving improved health at lower costs. AET markets to in-home patients and distinct patient groups such as Health Insurers, U.S. Military and Self-Insured Organizations. AET pairs cutting edge wireless technologies and mobile device applications with in-home medical devices to deliver comprehensive medical solutions. By combining world-class medical products and expertise in data architecture and management, AET revolutionizes the way medical data is collected, transferred, analyzed and disseminated - bringing cooperation and communication between patient and caregiver to a whole new level. For more Information visit: www.AgileEdgeTech.com

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