Sunday, August 22, 2010

Accelerating the Adoption of EHR Virtual Seminar

Successful EHR adoption must be built on the right technology (storage, server, and mobile platforms) that ensure you meet meaningful use requirements. But time is running out to implement the technology infrastructure that will be needed.

Attend the "Accelerating the Adoption of EHR" Virtual Seminar that's coming up on Sept 14.  Learn how to:
  • Select EHR technology that will get you to meaningful use
  • Rationalize and unify multiple EHR systems
  • Optimize the performance and scalability of your infrastructure
  • Improve EHR system accessibility with the latest Web portal technologies
  • Meet capacity and bandwidth requirements for PACs integration
  • Identify the pros and cons of vendor vs. open-source mobile apps
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What is a virtual seminar? You’ll enter a vibrant interface – along with several hundred of your peers – and experience expert informational sessions, peer interaction and the sharing of technology solution insights. You'll attend sessions with our HIT experts, you'll visit vendor booths with product demo information and live reps to answer your questions, you'll download background information on best practices for implementing EHR, and you'll interact with your peers. We've held many virtual seminars with rave reviews on both the content received and the easy-to-navigate online experience.

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