Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vote for the WWHI

I got this request today on Facebook and it was from a high school friend (do you still keep up with your high school friends?):
Will you go to and vote for WWHI, the non-profit I volunteer with? It's for $20,000 from Chase and it would help us so much.
Support the WOMENS WORLD HEALTH INITIATIVE  through the Chase Community Giving Project. Here's a snippet about the WWHI:
We provide women with the most basic human right – life – by giving women in the most vulnerable populations access to basic healthcare and means to contribute to their own well being. What we do...... » Train local women as midwives to build sustainable, local health care systems. » Increase access to quality care through technology innovation. » Train local doctors’ to provide emergency, life-saving care. » Integrate economic incentives with interventions so as to increase sustainability. By integrating medical care with economic viability and incentives, Women’s World Health Initiative has found an unique and effective way of empowering women within their own context and communities.

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