Friday, July 23, 2010

Twitter usage at ASCO by oncology clinicians

Here's a fascinating report titled, "JuvoLab Announces Results of Study Analyzing Entire Global Oncology Community's Twitter Usage at ASCO 2010."

The study demonstrates:

    * True extent of Twitter popularity among the ASCO 2010 constituent attendees
    * Functional role, demographics, and size of following for high-volume users who generated >75% of the total #ASCO10 content
    * Origin and contextual composition of tweets as clinical news, clinical discussion, promotional tweets, or other
    * Physicians as the highest generators of clinical discussion tweets and their aggregate views on key clinical management topics
    * Nature of discussions surrounding investigational or prescription drug products -- over 150 drugs or drug-drug combinations analyzed
    * Best practices in compliant pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry promotion via Twitter
    * Best practices in compliant academic association or institutional promotion via Twitter
    * Complexities and limitations in analyzing social media outputs

You can read more here.

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