Monday, July 26, 2010

The new

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) website has been redesigned.  Have you visited the "new"

New features including Specialty Pages, the NEJM Archive, and My NEJM are among the new content and services highlighted.
  • The search function has improved and site navigation is much easier. 
  • The multimedia content is easier to navigate. If you're looking for an interactive medical case or a video, then you'll find it easily under the "multimedia" section under "articles."
  • They've also added a social networking capability so that physicians and other clinicians can interact with other readers and have conversations about the content. 
  • Looking for an archived article? You can probably find it as a PDF on the new I was reading an article published in 1833 (titled, "Fetid Abscesses — Remarks on the Fetid Abscesses Which Frequently Form in the Neighborhood of Mucous Membranes")
I'm impressed by the way has been redesigned and  I look forward to spending more time on this site.

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