Monday, July 19, 2010

Have you tried the new Sermo yet?

Have you tried the new Sermo? Do you think it's better? I'm getting more accustomed to the new interface, but I still miss some of the simplicity that I found in the old Sermo. I liked how the "jobs" tab was separate and how physicians could post jobs anonymously. I hope they'll bring some of those features back.

The new Sermo has some great features and I think it makes it much easier for people to follow discussions, post comments, and see multiple photos on a single discussion.

I don't think we've seen the end of the new Sermo, so I'm eager to see what else they have up their sleeve. My prediction: a mobile app or a mobile web version of Sermo. After all, the mobile web is growing so rapidly every year because so many people are purchasing smartphones. How often do you view a web page on your mobile web browser? 

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