Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chewable Lipitor for kids in Europe

Chewable Lipitor. Can you imagine? Should kids be taking statins? As our nation faces an obesity epidemic, we're seeing all types of lipid disorders in children and young people are dying from heart disease. Some kids have genetic conditions that predispose them to hypercholesterolemia, so it's really not based on their diet or exercise patterns. But for the rest of the kids out there who are living with elevated cholesterol levels, should they be taking a chewable statin so that they don't have a heart attack or a stroke as a teenager?

The European Union recently approved a chewable form of Lipitor for kids.

Soon, kids at school will need to pull out their pill boxes at lunch time. Let's hope they don't trade their pills like their lunch box snacks.  I wonder what the television commercials will be like if we see direct-to-consumer ads for chewable pediatric Lipitor someday.

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