Thursday, December 17, 2009

Should you get a full-body "screening" CT scan?

There are various "executive health" programs that advertise that you can get a full-body screening CT scan. If you have a lot of money and your company is willing to pay for expensive (and often unnecessary) medical diagnostic tests, then maybe you're considering the utility of a screening CT. Not me.

Why expose your body to unnecessary radiation? Why risk finding an incidentaloma (which may then lead to further tests, biopsies, procedures, etc.) that might end up being nothing? Why do something that is outside of the scope of routine health screening guidelines?

I understand that large corporations may feel the need to go above and beyond to examine and maintain the health of their key executives. Many companies won't allow a large group of their executives to fly on the same flight. Should an airplane crash, they don't want to lose all their key people. So, they end up staggering people on different flights.

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