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For the third consecutive year, Medfusion is ranked the leader in patient portals in the KLAS 2009 “Software Category Leader”

Raleigh, NC – December 18, 2009 – This week Medfusion was announced as the “KLAS 2009 Software Category Leader” in patient portals by KLAS, a research firm that independently gathers and reports accurate, honest and impartial vendor performance information for the healthcare industry.

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In Medfusion’s quest to continually offer providers and patients better efficiencies and service, the company has continued to experience substantial growth, adding new staff to focus on both software development and implementation. “We are committed to meeting our clients’ demands to optimize communication with their patients using our patient-to-provider communication solutions. Our leadership ranking with KLAS confirms our unwavering commitment to offering quality products and service,” commented Steve Malik, Medfusion’s CEO.

With patient access and communication as two tenets of the Meaningful Use definition, it’s becoming even more paramount for practices to make online interaction available to their patients.  According to the “2009 Survey of Health Care Consumers” conducted by Deloitte, 57% of consumers want a secure Internet site to access medical records, schedule appointments, refill prescriptions and pay medical bills. 42% said they want an online Personal Health Record (PHR) connected to their physician’s office, and 55% want to be able to email their physician.

That demand is very real with more than 60,000 patients logging on daily to their physician’s secure, HIPAA-compliant patient portal powered by Medfusion, to complete one or more “transactions,” like appointment requests, asking a secure question, paying a bill, or requesting a prescription renewal.  Over 30,000 patients join a Medfusion-hosted portal weekly to communicate with over 28,000 physicians using Medfusion’s online solutions, resulting in over one million secure communication transactions completed monthly. With these kinds of statistics on the rise, Medfusion expects to have over 15 million transactions completed between patients and physicians in just this year alone.

More and more practices are adopting patient portal technology to get ahead of the curve instead of waiting to see what the future holds with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Malik added, “It’s a self-service technology providers want to make available to their patients so that patients can be more involved in their care.”  He went on to say that adopting a patient portal will also help the practice reduce costs, improve efficiencies and increase revenue.

Medfusion is committed to keeping their KLAS top of the category ranking throughout the years, while continuing to serve more physician practices across the nation to adopt patient portal technology.
Yvette Cole

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