Friday, December 18, 2009

Fully implantable hearing aid

It sounds like the FDA is evaluating a fully implantable hearing aid for patients who have mild to severe hearing loss. The Esteem hearing system, made by Envoy Medical Corp, may become the first fully implantable hearing aid. The Esteem is:
• Completely invisible
• Uses the body’s natural anatomy to provide optimal hearing
• Esteem®-Hearing Implant™ is not affected by acoustic feedback
• The device allows patients to live normal active lifestyles
• No occlusion effect (nothing in the ear)
• No maintenance or batteries for five to nine years
I wonder if this type of hearing system will eventually become the gold standard for patients with hearing loss. Perhaps someday researchers and engineers will invent an artificial cochlea.

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  1. I believe the future is in stem cells, no?
    for example in this video we see a recovery hearing testimony: