Monday, December 21, 2009

Evolving continuing medical education requirements

Every year, some states seem to change their requirements related to continuing medical education (CME) and physician re-licensure (license renewal). You can find the 2010 requirements for each state by clicking on this AMA website link titled, "Continuing Medical Education for Licensure Reregistration." (PDF will open)

If you're a physician, do you live in a state where CME is mandatory? It still amazes me that certain states (like Colorado, Indiana, New York, and Vermont) do not have any CME requirements for re-licensure. Wow! How long will that last? While other states are mandating that physicians complete up to 100 hrs every two years, some are saying that physicians are not required to complete any CME activities. It doesn't really make sense, does it? After all, whether you're a physician in Pennsylvania or New York, you'll still be seeing very similar patients and using the same types of medical and surgical therapies to treat diseases.

As CME requirements continue to evolve, I'm sure we'll look back someday and marvel at the fact that some states had no CME requirements for relicensure.

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