Friday, November 13, 2009 for professionals and consumers

Remember that is available as an online resource for both health care professionals and consumers (patients). features some great web-based tools and resources.

Are you a patient? Some of the many features and benefits for Patients include:
Health Sessions - A directory of Health Session Programs offers you a variety of personalized, condition-specific health and wellness programs authored by expert health professionals. These Health Sessions are delivered on a scheduled basis and consist of a brief set of questions and answers, educational information specific to the symptoms, vital signs, medication issues related to your health conditions and goals. Based on your answers, you receive immediate feedback and expert guidance.
Health Team - This Feature allows you to invite family caregivers, friends, and/or your doctor and other health professionals to join your health team. Upon accepting your invitation, members of your Health team can receive secure reports and notifications generated from your health sessions.
Health Team Messages Center - Your Health Team members can better communicate through a secure message board that allows you, your family caregivers, and the health professionals involved in your care to post notes and recommendations that will assure better coordination of care. Recommendations generated by each completed Health Session are also posted to the message board for your Health Team to review.
Personal Health Record - Through connectivity with Microsoft® HealthVault™, you can get your latest medication list, receive lab results and immunization records electronically, store x-rays, and EKGs. You can also upload, store, and graph measurements from home blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, and other devices.
Are you a health care professional? Important features and functions of for healthcare professionals include:
Session Alerts Dashboard - This exception-management triage tool makes it easy to identify which Patients need the most attention according to the rules logic algorithm built into the Health Session Program(s). The dashboard is a customizable tabular viewer, consisting of rows and columns. Each row displays the responses from each patient Health Session by date in a green-yellow-red color-coded alert criteria. These responses are divided into columns representing various question types including symptoms, vital signs, medications, behavior, knowledge and others. The dashboard gives Healthcare Professionals the ability to monitor and manage up to 2,000 Patients who have granted access to their records via the Health Team invitation.
Patient Record - Double-clicking on any patient row in the Session Alerts Dashboard will show an entire patient record, including their detailed Health Session responses, medication list, vital signs, alerts summary, and patient notes, and listing of the Patient Health Team members and message center.
Health Team Message Center - Members of the Patient’s Health Team can communicate through a secure message board that allows the health professionals, you, your family caregivers, and involved in your care to post notes and recommendations that will improve coordination of care. Recommendations generated from completed Health Session are also posted to the Message Board and made available to the Health Team.

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  1. Here's an interesting look at percent of office visits presenting influenza symptoms throughout multiple seasons:

    Clearly, this one's early and severe compared to recent years.

    Also, here're pediatric deaths shown the same way:

    Scott Gibson
    'worth a thousand words'