Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The power of DNA evidence even after 19 years

According to this story on CNN, a suspect has been arrested in the 1990 abduction and attempted murder of an 8-year-old Texas girl. DNA evidence has led to the arrest of Dennis Earl Bradford, a 40-year-old welder in Little Rock, Arkansas. The victim, Jennifer Schuett, went public with her story in hopes of someday bringing her attacker to justice.

The power of DNA evidence will grow as advances in science and technology improve our ability to use DNA evidence. We're constantly shedding DNA wherever we go. Our DNA fingerprint is everywhere and that's something that we can't erase.

My hope is that as the public becomes more educated about the power of DNA evidence, criminals will be get deterred. My heart goes out to Jennifer Schuett who had the courage to stand up and go public with her story. I admire her courage and hope that others may do the same so that the world may become a safer place.

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