Thursday, September 3, 2009

Epocrates on the BlackBerry Storm

Last month, I had the opportunity to use a BlackBerry Storm as my own smartphone. I installed several medical applications (apps) on it, but I was quickly disappointed by the fact that it only has 120 MB (not GB, but MB) of memory for apps. It has plenty of storage space (thanks to an 8 GB storage card), but I need space for applications, not for things like MP3 files and videos. I quickly filled up that 120 MB of space and that was one of the reasons why I ended up returning it to Verizon.

Of course, I installed Epocrates to see how it would run on the BlackBerry Storm. I was very impressed by the way it operated and I noticed that Epocrates was always running in the background, even after a reboot (which took over 5 minutes!). Epocrates was fast and responsive and I think it ran really well on the BlackBerry Storm. Unfortunately, you're currently limited to Epocrates Rx or Rx Pro. You can't get Epocrates Essentials for BlackBerry right now.

You can read about my initial impressions of the BlackBerry Storm here at

I returned the BlackBerry Storm to Verizon Wireless and I have no regrets. I'm back to Windows Mobile (now running 6.5) and I'm sure that the BlackBerry hardware and operating system will continue to improve over the next year. The Storm 2 is coming out this fall and the price on the current Storm is very low ($50). I really hope that the Storm 2 has much more space devoted to apps.

If you're a healthcare professional and you're using a BlackBerry Storm, you've probably loaded Epocrates. What else are you running on your BlackBerry?

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  1. i'm a pathologist still using the xv6800 which has served me well. I read your comments on the Storm 1 and the negatives you state would drive me crazy. Not sure the Storm 2 addresses these issue. I'm very intrigued by, and leaning toward, the HTC touch pro 2 which afterall is basically an upgraded 6800 or tilt. Would love to hear your impression and comparison of the two should you do so. Thx...
    Art Cohen