Saturday, August 22, 2009

Physicians and golf

How many doctors do you know who don't play golf? Right now, some of my friends enjoying Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations. I've not been playing too long, but I remember when I had my first golf lesson. Let me tell you about that day: I had been playing for a couple of years and I had learned some tips from my friends/colleagues. However, no one had actually coached me about my grip, stance, ball position, etc. So when I went for my golf lesson, I quickly realized that I had been making some common mistakes. My grip was wrong, my stance was wrong, my swing was wrong, my ball position was wrong, and the list just goes on. Instead of correcting one thing, my instructor attempted to correct about 4 different things. After my lesson (which really was a mini-golf school), I was very motivated to practice to enforce these changes.

Physician golfers also really like to get lessons. As a result, many golf instructors learn medical (anatomical) terms. Golf movements can be described using medical terms. For instance: ulnar deviation; radial deviation; dorsiflexion; plantarflexion; supinate; pronate. To supinate, hold your hand out so that you can hold a bowl of soup in your hand. To plantar flex, point your toe down to the ground. These are essentially anatomic terms, but golf is a game that requires accuracy and precision. Remember the difference between the two terms? The only way you'll get great at golf is by playing all the time. Yet if you're a busy physician, how do you find time to play?

Golf Digest has an article of "Top Golfer Doctors in America." I don't think I'll ever make that list. For some reason, all of my physician colleagues really seem to love Myrtle Beach Golf. One of the best gifts you can give a physician golfer: Myrtle Beach Golf Packages (you can reserve your tee times online). Of course, new clubs are always welcome too. Golf Myrtle Beach and you may have a difficult time golfing back at home (unless you live in Hawaii and you golf along the ocean cliffs). This blog post is brought to you by your friends at:

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