Saturday, August 29, 2009

Alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido kept a blog

According to CNN, the alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido kept a blog ( Garrido's blog entries are posted by "THEMANWHOSPOKEWITHHISMIND." The blog currently has hundreds of unmoderated comments.

Considering the nature of the current case, I doubt this blog will remain online very long. This story has now reached international levels and I have to think that someone at Google will shut down this blog. According to the nature of his content, it sounds like he thought he had mind controlling powers. It seems like Garrido was delusional and/or he may have had some type of psychiatric illness. However, I'm not his doctor, so there's no way I could know that.

My heart goes out to Jaycee Lee Dugard and her entire family. I wish you the best as you restart a new life in freedom.

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  1. It is a miracle that she is alive. I pray that she can recover from this ordeal.