Monday, July 6, 2009

Search engine keywords for

A significant percentage of my visitors come to my site through search engines like Google and Yahoo. Bing is still relatively new, so I don't have much data on that yet. What are people typing to end up here? Here's the list of the top keywords:
  • free emr
  • medicine and technology
  • technology in medicine
  • radon levels
  • hp battery recall joe kim
  • epocrates "blackberry storm"
  • medtronic pacemaker
  • technology and medicine
  • non clinical physician jobs
  • which is quieter: dell latitude xt2 or lenovo thinkpad x200
  • jobs for doctors without residency
  • ckd-epi
  • samsca
  • swallow syncope
  • dr. joseph kim
  • medicine and technology blog
  • blackberry storm medical applications
  • ckd-epi equation
  • e-prescribing
  • jobs for mds without residency
  • lenovo x200 vs dell xt2
  • medicine technology
  • non clinical careers for physicians
  • q1 ultra windows 7
  • uloric gout medicine
  • handbook of medical informatics
I think this list represents content covered in all 4 of my blogs:
Medicine and Technology

Over the last 30 days (the month of June), search engine traffic represented roughly 24% of my site traffic. Before that (the month of May), it represented 17% of visitors.

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