Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Facebook account got hacked!

Like many others, my Facebook account got hacked last night and I received many messages and phone calls about it. Just to be clear: I'm not stuck in London and I don't need money for a flight back home. This line has been used by scammers who've been using Facebook to steal money from people.

It's really a shame, but I now know so many people who have experienced similar problems with their Facebook accounts. If you'd like to learn more about compromised Facebook accounts, then I encourage you to read this article from the Business Insider.

I'm positive that I didn't click on any type of phishing links, so this hacker got into my account some other way. Fortunately, since I use different passwords for my other accounts, I was able to post messages using Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and several other social media outlets. Never use the same password for multiple accounts! You don't want to lose control of things like your e-mail account, your bank and credit card accounts, etc.


  1. my facebook account was hacked last friday morning - august 7th. i have reported it to facebook and have heard back only requesting confirmation info but nothing else. how quickly did you hear from facebook and were you able to get your account re-activated. I am shut out at this time and not getting any real feedback from fb

  2. My account got hacked on a Sunday. It took about 8-10 hrs for FB to shut down my account. Eventually (after 1-2 days) I regained control of my account.

    I would advise you to change all your passwords. Check all the accounts that use any of the e-mail addresses listed in your FB profile.