Thursday, July 9, 2009

Medicare e-Prescribing Incentive Program: Fax Requirements

Do you fax prescriptions to the pharmacy and call that e-prescribing?

Here's another Q&A about the Medicare e-Prescribing Incentive Program: "What are the fax requirements for the Electronic Prescribing Incentive Program?"
Answer: Prescriptions must be sent electronically via an e-prescribing system that meets the criteria for a qualified system. If the receiving network at the pharmacy converts an electronic prescription transmittal into a fax because the pharmacy cannot receive electronic transmittals, this counts as e-prescribing. If the eligible professional's (EP's) e-prescribing system is only capable of sending a fax directly to the pharmacy, the EP's system is not a qualified e-prescribing system.
So, if your e-prescribing solution isn't capable of sending prescriptions electronically (other than via fax), it seems like it would be a good time to look for some new options if you want to go after the Medicare incentives.

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