Friday, June 5, 2009

Twitter Growth: the Last 2 Months

If you've been using Twitter for several months, you may have seen all sorts of ads for ways to grow your Twitter following. Which ones work? Which ones are gimmicks?

I started using Twitter almost two months ago (roughly mid-April). On April 1, I only had 33 followers. Now I have over 8,300 followers. You can see this interesting growth chart by clicking here (TwitterCounter)

How did I do it? Did I spend money to advertise? No. Did I buy any books? No, but I found several free useful resources online. Did I invest in any type of traffic machine? No. I attribute this growth to a few things:

First, my blog traffic. If you don't have a blog and you don't post regular updates, then you may not grow this quickly. However, you can start a blog and quickly direct traffic to it by using Twitter and leveraging various social networking opportunities.

Second, some useful resources (all free) have helped me reach this type of growth. I'll write about those in a later post, so please follow my blogs.

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