Friday, June 5, 2009

Radon Testing in Texas

Trivia Question: When did the U.S. Surgeon General recommend that every U.S. home be tested for radon?

A recent clinical study was published evaluating radon levels near the Texas-Mexico border popularly known as Paso Del Norte. Investigators found that Radon soil gas, apartment living, and the aluminum plank wall environment of mobile homes were associated with elevated indoor radon in this area.

Did you catch that? Apartment living!

The authors also comment that "Physician's attention is invited to the potential nontrivial risk from radon, as it becomes trapped inside enclosed structures." In other words, many physicians think that radon exposure is trivial. They fail to recognize the fact that radon is the second leading preventable cause of lung cancer! Smoking is #1 and radon is #2!

Answer to Trivia Question: The Surgeon General recommends every US home be tested for radon as of January 13, 2005 (that's a strange date, isn't it?).

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