Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Medical Textbooks on the Amazon Kindle DX?

Will we see medical textbooks on the Amazon Kindle DX? Not until we see one that has a color screen (I think that's called a slate tablet PC).

How many medical students use tablet PCs during medical school? I think if I were to go back to medical school today, I would definitely use a tablet PC during my basic science courses and also during my clinical clerkships. I still remember using the Apple Newton during medical school. The Newton was killed by Apple in 1998 and that was a very sad moment for me.


  1. I'm attending ATSU-SOMA this fall, and we're required to buy X200 tablets. I am really impressed with OneNote especially, and am excited to learn more about how to use it for classes.

  2. Hello Dr. Kim:

    "Newton was killed by Apple." I guess it didn't have the necessary gravitas. (That's an attempted pun, btw.)

    I would go with reading a text on the iPod Touch, unless of course there is a device in the works by Jobs, according to the WSJ, that will have a larger screen, but let's hope it'll fit into the pocket of a lab coat. I would like to see Palm produce such a device for their new WebOS. Good multi-tasking is a must.