Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walmart and eClinicalWorks: An Odd Couple?

I stumbled on an article that talks about Walmart and eClinicalWorks. It's an interesting perspective about how Walmart/Sam's Club and eClinicalWorks (eCW) are an odd couple with good intentions. Hence, it's approriately titled, "Wal-Mart + eClinicalWorks Electronic Medical Records | An Odd Couple with Good Intentions."

The author makes some interesting and probably accurate predictions about how physicians may get exposed to eCW by visiting Walmart or Sam's Club, but they probably won't buy the EHR solution on that first visit. If they do some price comparision and shopping around, are they likely to find a better deal (or better product) somewhere else? Physicians may purchase Quicken or TurboTax at Walmart, but what's the likelihood that they'll purchase an EHR from the shelves of a local retailer? Maybe the bigger question is: what's the return policy on eCW if you purchase it from Walmart?

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