Friday, April 24, 2009

Visit to the Doctor: Today vs. the Future

I had a visit to the doctor yesterday. I admit that I still chuckle inside when I see people filling out paper forms. Someday in the future, when people visit their doctor, they won't be filling out forms. Instead, they will be pressing on-screen buttons on kiosks and tablets. Everything will be digital and paperless. You'll see electronic health records (EHRs) everywhere. We'll be represented by barcodes or some type of sophisticated RFID chip (no, I don't think this chip will get implanted under our skin). However, I am convinced that in the future, doctors will be operating with a paperless system. All our health data will be digital. If you use an Internet-based personal health record (PHR) service, then you'll have access to your information whenever you need it.

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