Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ordered Some N95 Masks Today

LinkYes, I ordered some N95 face masks from for my relatives who live in Houston, Texas. They're all worried about swine flu and I can understand their concern. They should probably also stock up on hand soap and antibacterial wipes and gels.

Swine flu is getting very serious and even Obama is urging schools to close their doors if they suspect any illness (what type of school never has a sick child in attendance?). What will happen to summer travel? The US economy is struggling as it is and if travel is restricted or limited, then some business will not be able to survive.


  1. Funny how the swine flu appeared a month after the omnibus bill passed with the earmark of 'Pig Odor Research'....

  2. Initially I thought an N95 mask was appropriate pre-caution. Now it appears that H1N1 is spread by the droplet pathway like seasonal influenza. Thus a surgical mask would be effective and as you say handwashing is probably most important.

  3. Wear simple masks and use tons of antibacterial gel (especially if you're out and you can't wash your hands). I think Home Depot is going to run out of masks.