Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do Masks Really Protect You from Swine Flu?

We're going to run out of masks. You better go to Home Depot and stock up now. Do masks really protect us from swine flu or are people just being paranoid? CNN has a story about this and it captured my attention. What would your workplace look like if everyone was wearing a mask? What if you entered a bank wearing a hat and a mask? You might be on the ground pretty quickly. So what's the role of a mask during a viral epidemic? According to the WHO, it's primarily to prevent infected people from spreading their germs. So if you're wearing a mask, people may think you're infected!

Should we be carrying antibacterial wipes and gel instead? After all, handwashing is the most effective way to prevent any type of viral infection since our hands can get contaminated very easily. Before we know it, we're rubbing our eyes or eating something with our dirty hands. Image source: CNN

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