Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coupons for the Apple Store

I'm a big fan of the Apple Store. But, it's hard to find really good coupons for the Apple Store. Have you looked at Savings.com? You can find some incredible Apple coupons, discount codes, and more. Certain promotions are only available to teachers and students. Apple has been loyal to the education industry. You can also get certain Apple discounts through various alumni networks and honor societies like Phi Kappa Phi. But if you look on Savings.com, you can some great deals and discount codes even if you're not a student.

I've been playing around with the iPod touch and I've been having a blast testing software and evaluating how the iPod and other handheld devices will change healthcare. My wife has a Macbook Pro and she loves using that at night because of the backlit keyboard. I'm often tempted to get a Macbook myself just for that feature alone - glowing keyboards. If you're looking to make a purchase at the Apple store or any other online retailer, make sure to look for coupons and other valid promotions codes that can help you save money. Medical students and residents, are you listening?

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