Thursday, February 26, 2009

Virtual Box gets updated

If you're using a Mac and you need to run Windows, then you may want to try Virtual Box by Sun Microsystems. Speaking of Sun, when I was a student at MIT, almost all of our Athena workstations had the "Sun Microsystems" logo on the hardware. Those were the days...

Going back to the Mac - instead of getting VMware or Parallels Desktop (which will cost around $79), Virtual Box is free. That's right, it's free. And it's recently been updated to version 2.1.4. You may have also heard of Open Office. That's a free alternative to the Microsoft Office suite. All these free options are legitimate and you won't have to go to a P2P, torrent, or warez site to find any of these.

Speaking of free, have you tried Ubuntu? This is a simple Linux operating system that runs really well on laptops, desktops, and UMPC tablets. The last time I installed Ubuntu on my Samsung Q1 Ultra, it recognized the touch screen and automatically installed all the drivers for my device. It's great to see dedicated workers supporting open source projects like Virtual Box, Open Office, and Ubuntu.

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