Thursday, February 26, 2009

Online Continuing Education

How do you get your continuing education? Do you take classes? Read? Online programs?

Many more people are getting their continuing education online. Do you ever consider getting an online master's degree (say an MBA, an MPH, an MEd, an MS, or an MA)? You've probably seen ads for Walden University, the University of Phoenix, Capella University, DeVry University, and others.

But did you know that some of the most prestigious universities offer online master's degrees? For instance, Johns Hopkins offers an online MPH program where the vast majority of the coursework is Internet-based. Emory University offers a similar online MPH.

Getting a master's degree has many benefits, even if you're a seasoned healthcare professional. There's a reason why executive MBA programs are so popular among senior-level corporate executives. There's so much you can learn in the classroom, but more importantly - there's so much you can learn from each of your colleagues and peers. If you're planning on a career change, then you may want to look at some sources of continuing education. Maybe it will be worth your investment to even enroll in a degree program.

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