Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spoiled by a Multi-Touch screen

No, I'm not talking about the multi-touch that's found on Apple iPods or MacBooks. I'm talking about the multi-touch screens found on the Thinkpad X200 tablet if you get it configured with both an active and a passive digitizer. When I pull out the Wacom stylus pen, I can write on the screen with precision and I don't get any vectoring. Then, when I put the pen away (and it's out of range), then I can use the cool on-screen mouse that's found on Windows Vista (I know that some people really hate this on-screen mouse, but I personally love it). The tablet is both a touch-screen device and it's also an active digitizer tablet. So if I can't find my Wacom stylus pen, no worries! I can just grab any passive plastic stylus pen or even use my finger to tap on the screen. I can even use the tiny stylus pen from my Verizon Wireless XV6800 phone. Thank you Lenovo for creating such an innovative tablet PC.

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