Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Impressions of the Sony Vaio P

I had a chance to play with the Sony Vaio P (Lifestyle) PC while I was in San Francisco. The Sony Store had them out on display so I stopped and played with them for a few minutes. I was very impressed by the size, but the screen resolution is so high that I think most people would have a very difficult time seeing anything on these things. The keyboard felt nice to the touch and had good feedback. That was one of the biggest complaints with the Vaio VGN-UX series. The keyboard on the P series is very nice.

So would I buy one? Not right now. I think Sony should add a few features first:

1. Add a backlit keyboard. When working in a dark room, a backlit keyboard is a must.
2. Add a touch screen and allow the screen to rotate so that it can be used as a tablet.
3. Drop the price so that it's in the same range as other devices in that class.

If Sony does all these things (which I doubt will happen), then I may be seriously tempted by this nice looking device. In the meanwhile, I will use what I have.

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