Saturday, February 7, 2009

the end of Windows XP

It appears that Microsoft is finally nailing the last coffin on Windows XP. I'm still running XP over Vista on several of my devices, mainly because I need something that's quick and efficient. I wonder if my old devices will last long enough for me to worry about Microsoft's lack of support for XP.

XP is a great operating system and I'm sad to see it go. Windows 7 hasn't impressed me very much so far, but maybe I haven't given it a fair shot since I installed the beta version on outdated hardware.

Lately, I've been thinking about switching to OS X. After all, you can still use Boot Camp and run Windows. If only I could use a Targus or Kensington universal power supply with the Mac Book Air...


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  2. Hi, it's me again. Somehow your blog is coming up in Google Alerts a lot. :-) I also use Mac OS X on a Mac mini. If you're in the market for an Air may I suggest instead for about the same price an aluminum Macbook Pro or regular 13" Macbook if portability is your concern? For a little more money (or, in the case of the regular Macbook, less money) you can get a more powerful Apple notebook, the Air has portability but otherwise is very underpowered and prone to overheating which makes it even slower.

  3. I doubt I'd ever really buy a MacBook Air. After all, a non-user replaceable battery? Come on!

    The most attractive feature of the MacBooks is the backlit keyboard. I need to use a separate USB light for my Thinkpad X200 Tablet since it doesn't have the ThinkLight.