Monday, January 26, 2009

Intel Webinar on Mobile Health Technology

If you're interested in learning more about mobile health technology, then take a look at this free Intel Webinar.

Managing Change: How to Overcome Obstacles and Encourage Mobile Technology Adoption

Can you make the case for healthcare IT to your staff and clinicians?

This complimentary, one-hour webinar shows you how to create a change-management process, one that succinctly outlines the benefits of adopting mobile point-of-care solutions including:
  • More safeguards to prevent life-threatening errors
  • Faster decisions in caring for patients based on the latest changes in their condition
  • More time for nurses to spend at a patient’s bedside and less pushing paper
  • More efficient care, which means less waste and less cost

Mobile point-of-care technologies contribute to efficiency and patient safety, but moving staff and clinicians into this new world can be a battle. At this event you'll hear Ohio Health, SunStone Consulting, and St. John’s Hospital tell their own adoption stories. You'll also get a chance to submit questions and join the conversation.

A recent national survey reveals that adoption of new technologies by clinicians is the biggest challenge when launching mobile point-of-care solutions (63 percent).

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